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Eliminate Variation

Process variation is where the “same” process is performed in different ways. Unchecked, it can lead to excess costs, inconsistent service to clients and even the risk of regulatory breaches.

If you’re concerned that inconsistency is impacting your business then read on….

 It is difficult to control costs if you don’t truly understand their origin. How much does “getting it wrong” cost your business? How do you price a product or service if you don’t have insight into what it costs to produce or deliver?

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Control Costs

Enforce Compliance

It’s critical that an organisation’s processes adhere to the relevant policies, regulations or standards, but often there is no clear link between them. Without this, processes can, over time, begin to change without an understanding of the potential impact.

Our solutions help our clients to embed, track and demonstrate compliance….

With remote working being ever more prevalent, it is key that there is effective training and support in place for new employees. Using visually engaging documentation, we help our clients to develop standardised, trackable “on the job” training.

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Standardise Training

Improve Project Success

Projects can often under-deliver due to being poorly informed or by making incorrect assumptions about the current state process. How much time does your team spend understanding the “as-is” process for each project?

Find out how we enable our clients to get their project delivery right….

Procedural and process documentation comes in all forms – from text heavy manuals, to process flows in PowerPoint, to Visio diagrams. Sometimes all in the same department. For this type of documentation to be effective, it has to be consistent and easy to understand. 

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Deliver Clarity

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