How prepared are you for the outcomes of Brexit?

Whether inside or outside of Europe, it doesn’t take a weatherman to see the winds of change approaching. The European Union was already facing many challenges that were surely bound to transform the economic, commercial and statutory landscape over the next decade, both on the continent and in the UK. Independent of the EU, we have an opportunity to adapt to these changes far more quickly if we wake up to the urgency and seize the opportunity.

The worst thing any company or institution can do in these circumstances is nothing. So far, it seems as if we are re-living the “phoney war” of 1939 – we all heard the siren, but nobody did anything. We’re coasting along hoping that it’ll all turn out to be a false alarm.

Industrial and commercial leaders seem to be taking the view that since we don’t know what the changes will be, we can’t prepare for them. Nothing could be further from the truth, and it’s precisely when we don’t know that we must prepare. Change is never a particular thing, like a tax rate or a new statute, it is an ongoing process. You are either preparing for change or you are not – it makes little difference what the eventual changes are, if you’re prepared.

To change the processes, risk assessments and performance indicators of your business in the future requires that you have a clear view of them in the present. Your ability to react decisively will be impaired if you do not understand your ‘as is’ processes now.

For example, a need could arise to move certain processes from the UK to another European country, due to new legislation. Documented processes will make it a lot easier to migrate, because the documents themselves can be used for training of the new personnel. Furthermore, they will help to identify the systems, areas and people impacted, allowing business impacts to be quickly understood.

In more drastic scenarios, process maps can be redesigned and reoriented quickly, allowing you to navigate your enterprise with maximum speed and efficiency toward the clear blue water, whatever the coming weather.

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